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Ne-ha-sa-ne best translates to "beaver crossing river on a log"

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  • Dec 29 - GARNET HILL15k groomed, reduced $10 trail fee - good fast skiing.  Temp in mid-20s.  Used my S-Bound 88s & worked on my teles.  Up to 6" hard snow off-trail.  We need new snow to make bc conditions good again.  Nearby 13th Lake iced over, open water near outlet,  cool sounds as temp was dropping. 
  • Dec 28 - FOREST ROAD 273 from Rt.9 in Woodford VT, elevation ~2,100'.  The snowmobile (saw none) trail climbs moderately gaining a quick 150', crosses some trails of the Prospect Mtn Nordic Ski Center then slowly drops over 200' (novice).  The road condition worsens (a good thing for skiers) after about 3 miles & snowmobile use drops off greatly.  Lots of recent moose tracks & scat then I see the guilty party, scrambled for my camera but the moose headed off thru the woods, I followed its tracks for a while.  Some wet spots but easily avoided.  Stamford Stream seen to the R, a bridge over it leads shortly to the AT/LT.  Continued for a bit on FR 273 with meadow to the R but trail had more wet spots here so turned around.  ~8" avg hardpack, soft surface since temp had been above freezing for over 24 hours (rain overnight).  Good skiing.  Used my rock skis but good skis would have been ok.  8.1 miles, 3.5 hours.    
  • Dec 27 - Snow depths - Lake Placid 6", North Creek 5", Wheelerville 2".
  • Dec 25 - MOHAWK RIVER walk from Ferry Rd, Vischer Ferry.  Walked the old towpath W to the Lock 7 dam - lots of water going over the dam after recent rains. 
  • Dec 24 (early) - Rain: bah humbug!  Snow depths - Lake Placid 9.5", Indian Lake 9", North Creek 8", Wheelerville 5".
  • Dec 21 - HELL HOLLOW BROOK from Little Pond trailhead on Rt.9 in Woodford VT.  Last autumn trip of the year.  Green Mountain NF & Glastenbury Wilderness.  Snowmobile trail to past the powerline.  Unmarked path into the wilderness area to the brook, past 3 beaver meadows/ponds & down to bridge (closed?) that takes the AT/LT across the brook.  Up then down (& out of the wilderness area) on unmarked old logging road around the W side of 2,726' hill (E of Maple Hill).  Looped back partly off-trail, partly on powerline snowmobile trail & partly on another trail.  Mostly excellent skiing with well over a foot of snow, 3" powder on slightly crusty base.  Elevations in 2,300'-2,600' range.  Shark?  6 miles, 3.8 hours.     
  • How Werner Paddles tests their whitewater paddles: video.
  • Dec 15 - HUYCK PRESERVE.  Wheeler-Watson trail to Partridge Path trails.  Surprised to find minimal use since the storm 5 days ago - trail broken to Loop 1 but we ended having to break trail on Loops ! & 2, slowed us down.  Yoyoed a couple of times at glade on SW part of Loop 2.  Steep drop thru open woods to Loop 3, glad to see some old ski tracks there.  Cut Loop 3 short by skiing down the powerline.  Hilly terrain, 1,600' to 1,900' elevation.  15" dense snow, temp in mid 30s, somewhat sticky & had to reapply Maxiglide a couple of times.  Billions of snow fleas (springtails) - don't remember ever seeing them in December before, usually a late winter phenomenon.  6.3 miles, 4.8 hours.   
  • .Dec 14 - PHAROAH LAKE from end of plowing on Pharoah Lake Rd off Beaver Pond Rd.  1.1 miles to bridge & raised boardwalk over Mill Brook, some blowdown & wet spots along the way.  Soon after the brook there was a lot of blowdown - best to whack on SE side.  Clearer trail the rest of the way.  Side-trip L just before the bridge over Pharoah Lake Outlet to campsite with very nice view across a flow of Pharoah Mtn's cliffy W side.  Crossing the outlet on a good bridge the wide trail then passes a lovely stretch thru hemlock woods & view of the flow to the L.  Took trail on S side of the lake to lunch at leanto #1 with its view across the lake to Treadway Mtn.  Still some open water on the lake.  Continued past double-wide leanto #2 a short distance before turning back.  Temp in mid 30s, over a foot of snow, only sunk in 2 or 3 inches - very good skiing.  Lots of snow on trees starting to melt.  Easy intermediate to the lake, intermediate on S side trail.  10.1 miles (I did some of route twice), 5.6 hours.        
  • Dec 12 - THACHER STATE PARK from Paint Mine Picnic Area.  Parking lots well-plowed - no other visitors before 10am.  15"-20" total, powder on crunchy base - very good skiing, trails lightly broken out, lots of bent-over trees.  Steady uphill S & Long Path to Beaver Dam Rd.  Blue trail is flat near the road but expect some good hills away from the road.  W3 Trail then R on red with good downhill then L on LP/Nature Trail, flat thru Knowles Flats then down to bridge.  Wander off-trail a bit to get best views of cascades & waterfalls on Mine Lot Creek.  1.5 hours. 
  •  Dec 11 - MOHAWK RIVER STATE PARK from Lock 7 boat launch in Niskayuna.  The lagoon at the boat launch is iced over (just in case you were thinking of paddling).  A quickie before work.  Up to 10" of snow, thin under hemlocks, top snow is nice powder but there is wet snow below; some wet spots & lots of snow-laden overhanging branches.  OK skiing on Bedspring Loop & Lock View Ridge.  9" at Adirondack Paddle'n'Pole - higher amounts of snow can be found in the Helderbergs & Catskills.