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Ne-ha-sa-ne best translates to "beaver crossing river on a log"

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Feb 7 -

Snow Falls: the Lake-effect Awakens - The Snowy Southern Adirondacks Part 2 - article.

Feb 1 - LAKE ANDREW from Tahawus.  MacIntyre West tract.  Same trailhead as Bradley Pond trail.  NW on Upper Road (fairly wide dirt road, similar to The Lake Rd) soon crossing Harkness Lake Outlet that flows N into Henderson Lake; view of Wallface.  Reach gate & register box for Santanoni Club at ~2.3 miles, map here shows trails that are not shown on any other map.  Passed the Mt Andrew Hilton, a rustic camp.  Trail S to Lake Andrew is reached at 3.45 miles (after gaining 500' from start), several camps are in this area, but we continued SW & bore L onto the Bowl Trail (narrower) which gained 250' in ~1 mile (intermediate+) to height of land at over 2,500'.  Stopped for lunch; Bowl Trail drops steeply to the S so we returned the way we came.  Took the Lake Trail (narrower) ~1 mile to Lake Andrew, a couple of rowboats on shore, could see a camp on the E shore; Mt Andrew to the NE.  Lots of fun runs on the way out.  Views of Santanoni Range from many spots.  All trails showed some light snow machine use.  Over a foot of snow, very good skiing.  Temp in the 30s, couple of snow/sleet showers but some sun too.  12.5 miles, 5 hours.  More info.

Jan 31 - TIRRELL POND from the S.  Heard that Blue Mountain Lake area got 5" of new powder Jan 27.  Northville-Placid Trail.  8" of powder on variable base; already tracked out by skiers, bare-booters went in half way, good skiing with temps above freezing; quite a few wet spots & rocks showing.  Nice ice on cliffs a mile in.  O'Neill Lean-to for lunch then skied across the pond (couple of slushy spots) with view of Blue & Tirrell Mtns.  Stopped at lean-to at N end then skied back on the NPT.  Lots of fun hills.  9.6 miles, 5.4 hours.

Jan 27 - DeBRAINE & TROUT LAKES from French Rd in Hoffmeister.  Ferris Lake Wild Forest.  Rained a little the day before leaving a breakable crust topped with 0.5" powder; fair skiing on ~1' snow total.  See also Jan 4 trip.  Crossed DL & were surprised to find that blue markers continued all the way to TL.  This newly-marked trail climbs over 200' incl. a super steep cliffy part (tough skiing) before dropping 100' to TL (nice skiing).  It is 1.2 miles from DL to TL.  Interesting icefalls on TL  6 miles, 4 hours.

Jan 25 - FOXY BROWN SKI LOOP & MUD LAKE from Piseco Airport.  Ski loop is 6 miles, took it counter-clockwise - mostly novice with an occasional short steeper spot.  Bushwhacked E across a vly & picked up snowmobile trail & took that NNE until we could see Mud Lake down thru the trees; short but steep drop down to the pond-size "lake".  Have been to Mud Lake before by canoe via Fall Stream & Vly Lake.  Took an easier & shorter bushwhack back to the ski loop.  Ran into the ranger twice - he was on a snowmobile & removing blowdown from the ski loop.  Very good skiing with 6" powder on good base.  9+ miles, 5 hours.

Jan 24 - ROCKWOOD STATE FOREST from Rt.29 in Rockwood.  Skied most of the trails (some twice) & spurs (incl. down to Caroga Creek) S of Rt.29.  Some fun intermediate hills.  Very nice skiing on 1-4" powder on good base.  8 miles, 3.8 hours incl. lunch stop. 

Jan 20 - CATAMOUNT & MOUNTAIN VALLEY TRAILS ASSOCIATION TRAILS in Landgrove VT, from the end of plowing on the Danby-Mt Tabor Road (a snowmobile trail in winter).  Very good skiing with 5" powder on good base.  Started & finished on Utley Brook Trail (climbs 300' in a mile after it leaves the snowmobile trail; intermediate+).  Not sure of the exact route we took on MVTA trails - none of the maps seemed to make sense - we did ski on Little Michigan & Stone Place Trails (intermediate) plus explored a logging road going NW alongside Griffith Brook.  CT info.  9.1 miles, 5.3 hours.

Jan 18 - NORTH BRANCH from Rt.10 next to 1st bridge (upstream) over W Br Sacandaga River in Arietta.  An unmarked somewhat grown-in old wagon road into the Silver Lake Wilderness Area.  Very good skiing on about a foot of snow, 4" of new powder on good base.  Had to skirt around a fair amount of blowdown (lost the path 3 or 4 times), some wet stream crossings.  Scenic vly to the E 2 miles in.  At ~2.5 miles there is a fork (ribbon on a tree at junction) - main path goes L; we took the R to a campsite on NB, then crossed the ice to a nice sunny spot for lunch.  Skied alongside the stream & picked up the path again at a sharp bend in the stream.  Turned around at a small vly.  7.5 miles, 5.8 hours.   

Jan 17 - BREIA trails from Jackson Hill Rd in Boonville.  Tug Hill Plateau.  Foot of snow, a little rain yesterday left things a bit icy.  Trails groomed 2 days earlier.  Steeper trails like Telemark were challenging but fun.  Skied a lot of easy stuff too.  Deluxe warming hut.  The black trails below the hut are intermediate+; Adirondack Field & Murray Hill Loop intermediate, Sunfield & Into the Woods Trails are novice.  9.8 miles, 4.6 hours.   

Jan 13 - DRY, DEXTER & SPECTACLE LAKES ski from Rt.10 in Arietta.  Sun, wind, temp in the teens.  Good early winter skiing on 6" of fresh powder on a variable icy base, some wet spots, still hit some hidden rocks.  A secondary snowmobile trail, saw no-one else today.  Couple of steep, moist, rocky hills either side of Dexter; otherwise decent intermediate skiing.  8.5 miles, 4.5 hours.

Jan 11 - PORCUPINE LOOKOUT hike from Rt.9 (el 2,400') in Woodford VT.  Temp in upper teens but much wind chill from gusty wind.  Little Pond (snowmobile) Trail to crossover to Appalachian Trail.  View of Mt. Snow, Haystack Mtn, Hoosac Range.  1-3" base (icy snow, a bit crunchy), 0 powder. Had traction device in pack but did not use.  420' el gain,  6.1 miles, 3.3 hours.   

Jan 10 - record high temp of 55F & rain!

Jan 6 - KUNJAMUK CAVE from next to ice rink at Sacandaga River Community Park in Speculator.  Fair skiing on 1-2" powder on ice base, some wet spots, animal post-holes - stayed on the flatter parts near the rivers, the easier part of the Kunjamuk Loop.  Sacandaga River had some open water.  The Kunjamuk River was mostly iced-over.  Several whitetail deer.  4.3 hours.       

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Jan 4 - DeBRAINE LAKE near Hoffmeister.  Before leaving home replenished my fire starter supply in my essentials kit.  Temp in single digits but sunny with minimal wind.  Very good skiing on 3-4" powder on icy base.  Farm Rd was plowed a short distance from French Rd.  Skied on Farm Rd for half mile then on trail to DeBraine.  After a short climb the trail parallels a vly seen on the L & soon reaches the lake.  Blue trail markers around W side of the lake to "rusted metal hardware" mentioned in 5th Edition of Discover the Southern Adirondacks (available at APnP) but saw none S of there.  Was hoping to continue to Trout Lake but when crossing the iced-over outlet I broke thru the ice & I was in water up to the tops of my gaiters.  Changed out of wet socks & into SealSkinz waterproof/breathable socks that I usually carry in my pack on wilderness trips for situations like this.  Decided it would be best to return to the car.  1.8 hours. On the drive up: most lakes were iced over except Canada Lake was mostly open water.      Drove to nearby trailhead for HURRELL VLY.  Skied on snowmobile trail (recent sled use at start but none for most of route) for ~2.5 miles & turned around before reaching the vly, pleasant woods with good peaceful wilderness feel.  Some nice long gentle to moderate hills along the way.  Some wet spots were easy to avoid, streams incl. Bochen Lake Outlet had bridges (1 was out).  2.2 hours. 

Jan 3 - BREIA skiing, from E parking area on Egypt Rd.  Excellent skiing on 5-8" powder over 2' icy base.  Main trails groomed i.e. rolled, no track set.  Trails: Creekside (ungroomed), Great, Cherry Tree (mostly ungroomed, some wet spots), Link, Glacier, Gully I II III IV, Creek View, Rim, Moss & back on Link & Great.  Lunch in the warming hut; no fire in the wood-burning stove when we arrived but since I carry a fire-starter we had some heat in no time.  ~3" fell in the time we were out.  9 miles, 5 hours.     

Jan 1 - ROCKWOOD STATE FOREST ski.  3" of hard icy base with a dusting of fresh powder; snowing all the time we were out; added ~half inch of powder - fair to good skiing.  Steeper hills a bit hairy.  6.7 miles, 2.9 hours.